Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keep capitalism alive...and WELL!

I wanted today’s post to be a bit lighter than has been my current trend.  In light of the current economic circumstances I find it hard to hold myself to that goal.  There is an alarming trend in this country of solving everything with laws.  The most recent ban of happy meals in San Francisco, is only just a reminder of this trend.
America was founded on an economic system that is based on competition and consumer choice.  Companies are responsible for offering products and services at prices consumers feel justify their use.  We buy what we feel offers a value comparable to the benefit provided.  This is how American consumers decide which companies succeed and which ones fail.  In theory this works, and in practice, when implemented without interference from government sources, it can be quite a success.  Then we are confronted with the monstrosity of corporate America.
In conversation with family members and classmates, I was alarmed to find that many people view large corporations as monopolies.  Even more distressing, though, was the expression of an overall feeling of inefficacy with regards to establishing a voice within the structure of corporate America.  Companies have gotten so large these days we honestly feel like there is nothing we can do but take what they have to offer and try to feel good about it.  No wonder there are so many rules governing business in our country today.  In spite of the looming monstrosity that is our government today, we have come to feel it is somehow more responsive to our consumer needs than the businesses that fill these needs.  This is an appalling trend and must be stopped.
In the coming months I will be proposing a solution that I believe will put the power back where it belongs, in the hands of the consumer.  Please join me in recognizing that, while monopolies may not be as commonplace as many believe, corporations have gone a long way toward placing their profit margins outside the perceived reach of the American public.  Let’s put an end to this madness.  Please leave a comment letting me know, on a scale of 1 to 10, how you feel large corporations (At&t, Tmobile, Geico, Wal-mart, Cable One, etc…) respond to the needs and desires of consumers both prospective and existing.  You can respond with two numbers or a single composite of how you perceive corporations respond to consumers, with 1 being not very responsive and 10 being very responsive.  Thank you.

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